Free Credit Report No Credit Card Required

Have you seen all the ads that promise a free credit report no credit card required? Well don’t believe everything you see. There’s rarely anything that is ever free and most certainly it’s going to require your credit card if they’re giving you anything. It’s all in the fine print, you just need to take the time and read it.

The ads are flashy and the promise sounds golden. That’s how they suck you in and set you up. Big bold banners offer the promises of a free credit report no credit card required, just for the asking. They walk you through the process online and once you’ve created your account information you’re ready to get your credit report. Well, not quite yet.

The next steps are where they get you. That promise of a free credit report no credit card required just became something so much more. There are a number of services they will try to offer you including but not limited to a printout of your report, access to view your report online for a finite amount of time, and yes your beacon score. Without one or all of those options, simply being able to view your report online is virtually useless. Something the vendor is well aware of.

So, you have fallen into the trap of a free credit report no credit card required and now they’ve piqued your interest. In these trying financial times, it is imperative that individuals maintain a good credit rating. Monitoring your credit report is the only sure fire way to make certain that your identity hasn’t been compromised and that your creditors are reporting accurately on your activity. There are companies out there that will offer a monitoring service as well, of course for a fee.

So you see, the flash and glitz of something free doesn’t always mean it is free. Certainly when they advertise that you will get something free, you usually will but it’s not going to be anything like what you expect the product to be. It’s a teaser line to get you to the site to see how much more they have to offer and often times these services do carry value for the consumer. You just need to investigate more than one site to make sure that when and if you do choose a paid service that it provides you with the information most useful to you. Otherwise, why would you even consider paying for it?